Regular Hardwood


Hardwood flooring is the most ancient and sustainable material in our building and interior. It is essential to have a good knowledge about the product structure and features to have long lasting floor covering and healthy environment. We as the flooring experts, with more than 10 years international experience, are ready to give free advise to have the optimal choice of hardwood flooring for your area.

  • Solid Hardwood Flooring

    The classic massive hardwood floor covering for long life and healthy environment. We can offer all common wood species with your own customized finishing taste.

  • 2-layer T&G Engineered Flooring

    The 2- layered Engineered hardwood, is a new fashion to cover weak points of massive or solid hardwood. This structure is more stable and durable with better finishing and lower cost. We have full range of single plank product in variety of finishes and textures.

  • 3-layer T&G Single Strip Flooring

    This is European typical engineered flooring which called semi-solid flooring as well. the balancing is the main factor in this type of flooring. There is minor technical difference between 2 and 3 layer flooring. In the looking and finishes there are unlimited design and color theme to satisfy all tastes and ideas.

  • 2-layer and 3-layer click system Single Strip Flooring (new)

    In classic type of flooring glue down or nail down was a typical and identical idea of hardwood flooring installation. In the new generation of flooring faster, ecological, and economical aspects of flooring installation lead to floating system which is glue less and healthy. In this category most of items are fixed length and fixed width. For more details and benefits you can talk to our floor experts.


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