Heritage Hardwood


One the classic design pattern which make really sorted tidy looking in the design. The main look is 90-degree installation of flooring to create different looking.

  • wide plank Flooring (new)

    As one the 21-century invention, the wide planks become a new fashion. In a bigger area having a giant element, wide plank flooring is a most. This type is really rare and expensive and available only on demand and customized.

  • heritage and reclaimed floorings

    The reclaimed is the way to reuse old hardwood as one the most stable element. The wood which styed unharmed for long decades in specific house or area is valuable material. The main character is stability and adaptable technical and mechanical aspect of the reclaimed wood. Also the natural beauty of such element in design is irresistible.

  • rustic and reclaimed floorings

    The rustic and reclaimed are two different character in hardwood flooring. The reclaimed is really valuable items and rustic is most economy part of flooring business. But they can imitate the same effect in the design and transfer the most similar feelings. The colors and variety is less and mainly is a custom made product.

  • deep brushed and hand scrapped

    The finishing of flooring in hand crafted items are part of art. It needs experience and artistic talent to make a unique art craft hardwood flooring. Nowadays there is machinery to get better result with lower cost. Still hand made items has its own value.


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