About us


Nowadays with exaggerated advertisement and marketing approach it is big challenge to verify what is the right product choice for each single client. For sure the different life style and purpose of use is the main reason of product variety and differentiation. The hardwood and parquet expert starts its operation in 2018. The main goal is to serve client with high quality, sustainable and healthy product. Mid of 2017 the founder of the business, found that there is a big gap for quality product range and old fashion market of the West Cost. The vision of “right choice for everyone” has been formed as per perspective of founder. More than 15 years experience is the main support and asset to start.

The business strategy to serve the contractors, retailers and end-users with the new generation, newly invented and upgraded high-end hardwood or floor covering products which suits their needs and wants. To know about the product benefits and features, we feel that sharing the true information about product advantages and disadvantages with the clients is essential. We feel responsible about each shared information and consultancy provided to our clients. This is our golden key of success in the competitive market.